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Activity 8: Signature Assignment Introduction In this essay, this research study seeks to demonstrates how financial management's usage of IT services reduced cost and control cash flow in the organization. Thus, the organization’s purpose is to analyze the elements which make up the organization’s framework. For that reason, the organization must know all specificy problems, purposes, the significance of the problem, and supporting theories. In fact, this research methodology analyzes the implementation of the problem solutions, and defends the result’s findings Financial management in U.S. firms covers many areas in stocks and cost optimization of the company’s performance management, especially in IT. Many emerging and recent…show more content…
Background Financial management for IT services (ITSM) is an IT service management process area for control of expenses. Also, many financial managers strive to save money by scrutinizing the cost of IT. For instance, ITIL offers a suite of efficiency driving tools which can help businesses identify where they can offer huge cost management. With ITIL management can be configured to implement cost reduction strategies to reduce cost. Therefore the aim of a financial manager is to promote IT services is to give accurate and cost effective stewardship of IT assets and stewardship of all IT assets and resources used in providing IT services. The IT depart is used to planning, controlling, and recovering plan, control and recover costs expended in providing that the IT service negotiates and agrees on the service-level agreement (SLA) (Conger, Dattero, Galup, & Quan, 2009). Financial management over time has become the most important aspect of business decisions in funding the enterprise. Thus, the term “financial services” became more popular in the United States partly as a result of the Gramm-Leach-Biley Act of the latter 1990s. This act has enabled all companies to operate in the U.S. financial services industry. Companies usually have two different approaches to this new type of business, insurance, and investment banking. Whether the firm keeps the original brands or adds the acquisition to its holding company
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