Significance Of A Broken Family

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1.17. Justification/Significance of the Study:
Family is very important as it shapes our development and personality. The family protects your dignity and takes care of your well being. Family also gives us teachings that guide us throughout our lives and these are the values we carry everywhere we go. In addition, your family comes to your aid during hard times. Family is the building block of a successful person. Family is the first friend; first brick and first memory of a person. It can either make you or break you into pieces.
A broken family is typically considered to be a family where one of the parents is missing due to divorce or perhaps the second parent was never part of the family. There are ways to minimize the emotional impact that individual usually feel in these kinds of families. If the single parent really puts forth effort to provide a stable, loving and supportive environment for their individual, it can go a long way to soften the blow of a broken family.
I have selected this topic because it’s a main social issue now days. Since the divorce rate is increasing rapidly, it affects the whole life of individual. We feel that when a normal child play with their parents and express their feelings for their well-being, these individual listens the harsh words of their parents abusing each other hence, diminishing their innocence at an early age. They tend to become more mature at the age of playing with toys.
I believe that individuals in broken families

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