Significance Of Adolf Hitler

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Have you ever wondered how Adolf Hitler’s leadership was successful and how he took Germany to war. Hitler had to go through a lot of arguments to get where he got in Germany. He hated Jews and liked to take stuff that didn’t belong to him. Hitler did not accomplish a lot while being leader in Germany. This how Hitler was significant while being leader. If he didn’t do any of the things he did then he wouldn’t of been significant. Adolf Hitler’s leadership was significant because lots of people and countries hated him and he did whatever he wanted by not following the rules, how he was significant.

People and countries hated Adolf Hitler because he would be rude to everyone. In 1914 the germans were proud people.There kaiser virtually …show more content…

Hitler also made Germans attack Jews because their was to many Jews, this event is known as “Kristallnacht”. He would also stab nations in the back if they were to make a deal. Adolf Hitler was hated so much everyone started to hate Germany.Hitler's actions led to the collapse of democracy in germany because he didn't like when people opposed him and he made rules in which voting was prohibited and that anyone going against him was killed. Hitler did whatever he wanted because he remilitarized the Rhineland. He would also attack countries. Adolf Hitler did whatever he wanted in the League of Nations because he broke the Treaty of Versailles by remilitarizing Germany. He had claimed that the Rhineland was theirs. He was also taking land that didn’t belong to him. When he was to do these things he would be getting more and more attention from Germans. Adolf Hitler would kill people who were going against him.He would still invade countries even though he had said he would not do that. If Hitler did not do any of these things then he wouldn’t have been significant and Germany wouldn’t have went into WW2. He did not care about the rules and only cared about the legally rules established by himself when he was a dictator. Hitler was very anti- semitism against Jews because he thought that they were causing him problems. He also did whatever he wanted because he made it to where there was only one party you could join. The

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