Significance Of Maturity In Pleasantville

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“Ignorance is bliss”(Thomas Gray). Younger people tend not to comprehend the terrible things happing around them. Children’s thinking is one way or the other, there is no in-between. So if one child thinks one way, its hard for them to grasp the concept of what is being told to them because of their maturity level. Maturity level is the key to opening up the world around us. As we grow in our understanding of ourselves we begin to explore the limits which had been put on us by our upbringing. Maturity is the ability to respond to the surrounding environment in an appropriate manner, a learned response separating human and animalistic behavior governed by instinct. The younger we are the more protected we are not only with rules and consequences…show more content…
Like the ebb and flow of the tides maturity and responsibilities grow as rules and restrictions subside . The rose in Pleasantville, shows that maturity brings different unpredictable configurations to our lives. We all may be human and similar but complex and different given the many aspects that contribute to our upbringing. Even the mockingbird from the novel is just a bird when real-world realization sets in, nothing protects it when innocence is lost or ignorance about it’s history goes untaught. Growing up without appropriate influences like rules, regulations and certain expectations can be even more difficult when you're all alone because raw animal instincts take over and innocence is never a factor. The mistake of harming an innocent is also part of this like how Tom Robinson and Boo Radley are explicitly linked to the…show more content…
Boo Radley represents the fear and position the small town folks want to avoid. If the residents of Macomb act as eccentric or even fail to follow society’s general rules, they too could end up like Boo, alone and thought of as some kind of monster. Growing into a man is a common factor in both stories and as far as Atticus is concerned manhood and bravery come from an man’s ability to persevere and fight using his wits, his heart and his character. To Atticus guns represent a false strength that many a coward will cling to in their time of need. In the movie Pleasantville the two dimensional world of black and white TV expands to color when people step beyond their accustomed boundaries a metaphor for the added dimension gained when a new way of thinking is introduced, much like the progression through concrete thinking that restricts preteens from seeing the different shades we all
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