Significant Learning Curves : Users Should Experience Only Minor Changes

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significant learning curves. Users should experience only minor changes to their work activities. 3. Performance Monitoring. To take advantage of the agility and elasticity of your hybrid cloud, minimize the number of tools used in your datacenter. Source a solution that monitors every aspect of performance… from server to network to cloud. A holistic view of your entire infrastructure is efficient, while ‘tool clutter’ is unproductive. 4. Capacity Planning. Understand what the lines of business want to do with BYOC including new services they’re planning on acquiring. How will those new services affect your existing infrastructure? Will they negatively impact other services or users? 5. Use the enterprise version. Whether using the…show more content…
IT organizations have the dilemma of operating essential existing infrastructure into the foreseeable future, while at the same time building a team and processes to manage cloud based environments. “This ‘two IT’ system is necessary because in order for either of the environments to be truly successful they would have to be managed very differently from each other.” Mark Thiele, executive vice president of data center technology at Switch Managing this new model is a challenge for IT leaders. The differences between the old systems and the new processes mean that there aren’t many platforms available for managing an organization’s entire IT asset portfolio. “The good news is,” Leong says, “over time, more and more workloads will migrate from the old to the new model.” Sophisticated Network Configuration Integration is just one of the challenges. A sophisticated network configuration is needed to transfer data between the private and public clouds that comprise the hybrid environment. Not only must the network transfer the data securely, but it must deliver a seamless user experience. In addition to a fast and reliable network, failover capabilities are needed to handle any system or network outages. Then there’s the issue of application and data security. All operations, across the various platforms,

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