Significant Milestones In The History: The Invasion Of Parihaka 1881

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The Invasion of Parihaka 1881
The invasion of Parihaka, which took place back in 1881, can be considered as one of the significant milestones in the history of New Zealand. Parihaka was a Maori settlement, which was surrounded by lahar mounds. It was established by Tohu Kakahi and Whiti o Rongomai during the late 1860s.
On 5th of November, 1881, John Bruce, who is a native minister in the country led an army consisting of 1600 soldiers into the Parihaka settlement. Then they arrested the leaders and the entire settlement was destroyed. Parihaka people have been living a peaceful life until that and most of the people consider it as a crime. They also resisted against the armed forces in a peaceful manner. They wanted confiscation of the lands …show more content…

They didn’t feel any empathy towards peaceful people who were living in the area. They just wanted to capture the land held by natives. In order to do that, they thought of following a variety of approaches. Out of them, they figured out sending a team of armed people to expel the natives is the most convenient method. Their expectations were correct and people had no other choice than to leave. Most of them got arrested as well. This act is not justifiable at all. If Parihaka rebelled or disturbed the peace, it would be fair to go ahead and arrest them. However, expelling a group of peaceful individuals can never be justified.
However, the viewpoint about the invasion of Parihaka among people in Parihaka tribe and other Maori tribes are similar. They were living a peaceful life, without causing any harm to other people. However, they had to go through the most unfortunate event in their lives. They didn’t even want to retain the piece of land. They just wanted to live a peaceful life. However, the government didn’t provide the chance to them. Therefore, this act cannot be justified under any

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