Silver Lining Playbook Is A Romantic Comedy Drama That

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Silver Lining Playbook is a romantic comedy drama that debuted in 2012 and was directed by David O.Russell. The movie follows the life of two main characters,
Patrick Solitano Jr, a Caucasian male and Tiffany Maxwell, a Caucasian woman, who both struggle with psychological disorders. The film begins with the release of
Patrick and his friend Danny McDaniel’s, an African American male who happens to be in a legal dispute with the clinic on whether or not he is eligible to leave, from a mental hospital. Danny only has a small part in the movie but he is seen time to time in some scenes. After the two are picked up by Patrick’s mother, she is later notified that Danny is not authorized to leave and ends up bringing him back before
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One example is when he wakes his parents up at four in the morning to express his thoughts on Ernest Hemingway. Another example is when he is waiting in the waiting room to meet with his therapist. His manic episode is triggered due to the playing of his wedding song on the speaker, which is a reminder of his wife’s cheating. In Patrick’s therapy session, which he hates to attend, his therapists try’s his best to inform him that he needs to take his medication in order for his mood swings and “weird” thinking, which is caused by stress, to stop. He warns Patrick that if he doesn’t take his medication to control his emotions, he will end up going right back to the mental hospital. People who have this disorder are usually giving medication such as antidepressant, mood stabilizers and atypical antipsychotics etc. Patrick is on three medications which are lithium, seroquel and abilify, but due to the side effects these medications tend to have such as weight gain, fatigue/drowsiness, and blurred visions, Patrick refuses to take the medications due to how they make him feel (National Institute of Mental Health). Instead he decides that he is going to look for a silver lining within every situation and have a more optimistic view on life.
As the film continues, Patrick is invited to dinner by an old friend and his wife.
Before dinner begins Patrick is notified that an unexpected guess, Tiffany Maxwell, will be
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