Similarities And Differences Between Lebanon And Leae

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Introduction 385 million people. 13 million square kilometers. 22 Countries. Significant numbers that represent the population, the surface area, and the number of countries of the Arab world respectively, and yet they all speak one language. The aforementioned surprisingly does not imply that all Arabs are the same. Lebanon and the UAE are two countries belonging to the Arab world, they both share one language which is Arabic with some differences in the accent. Lebanon is known for its relaxed laws, extensive history, and corrupt government. UAE is known for its wealth, development, and traditions. In spite of the fact that these two countries speak one language, they have their similarities and differences when it comes to culture, law, …show more content…

While similar in some ways, many differences can be identified between Lebanon and the UAE in terms of legislation, especially when one examines crime and punishment, the structure of the government, gender equality, and working conditions in both countries. One way they are similar is that there are few laws that protect women against rape and sexual harassment with light consequences for offenders, but they differ when it comes to the UAE’s strict laws against extramarital sex and public displays of affection, which are acceptable practices under Lebanese law. Both governments have municipalities and ministries that govern local areas, however Lebanon is a democracy with power split among the three dominant powers whereas the UAE is a unified monarchy with one ruler that governs the laws. Women in Lebanon and the UAE enjoy the same freedoms as men do in society with laws that empower them. The main difference is that Emirati women are paid more than men while in Lebanon it’s the opposite. What UAE and Lebanon share in common is that western expats receive higher salaries and better work benefits compared to their counterparts from less developed nations. That being said, UAE law contains additional provisions that ensure that their citizens are guaranteed a job with higher minimum wages, while Lebanon

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