Similarities And Differences In William Blake's The Tyger

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Step into the realm of an artist’s pen, as you read your way into this journey that we ascend. Author William Blake blew a drift into his palm, and spread it across the paper. Understanding the similarities and differences of his poems can decrypt a message between the two. I mean, what is the author really saying ? I am going to analyze and signify key details between the two poems “The Tyger” and “The Lamb.” I shall tell you of how the author views his work. Let’s get started shall we.
Let’s start with “The Tyger”, by William Blake. The character in this poem seems to fear the tiger and is not comfortable with its creation.The constant repetition of the word”dread” throughout the poem sets off a fearful tone.” What dread hand? What dread feet….what dread grasp.” are some key examples of the repetition of this word. Although the character fears this animal, he also is confused on how something so beautiful can be so fearful when he says” What immortal hand or eye, Could frame thy fearful symmetry?....And what shoulder, and what art, Could twist the sinews of thy heart?” Perhaps his whole perspective on this tiger meant that it symbolized power, through line 16,” Dare its deadly terrors clasp?”
Let’s take an innovating step towards the author’s point of view. Now one difference between “The Lamb” and “The Tyger” is that in “The Lamb” the author starts off admiring the beauty of this animal and how it resembles comfort unlike the fearful tiger as it is stated in lines 5-7”

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