Similarities Between Anna Karenina And Out Of Africa

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“Anna Karenina” and “Out of Africa” are two films that can be compared to a roller coaster ride at a carnival. A roller coaster ride excites and thrills us but at the very same time we feel anxiety and fear. The roller coaster rises, falls, twists and turns. This defines the journey of the characters as they embark upon their travels which are filled with peaks of joy and valleys of heartache, sorrow and death. The characters are vulnerable and impressionable as they face the dangers of adultery, self-discovery and feministic resistance. Perceptions, assumptions, fantasy and opinions are formed by the characters as they embark on their roller coaster ride. This adds to the intrigue and suspense on their epic journey to uncover their inner truths.

The world is a stage as the aristocratic lives of the characters is showcased in the stylised film “Anna Karenina”. This theatrical rendition creates a dreamlike falseness that is superficial and unreal. …show more content…

This thematic resistance to colonial views is exposed by Pollock as he uses the pen and compass given by Denys to Karen as a symbolic gesture to emphasise that Denys believes that Karen is an equal to him and that she has the power to write her own story. Ironically, Karen restores Africa to its former beauty through the use of the pen, compass and her imagination.

When the Karen flies in a plane, she compares looking down to looking through the eyes of God and her instilled passion for Africa. The natural lighting used in this scene engulfs the simplicity of the unmodernized world. Flying eptiomises Karen’s freedom in a male dominated society and ironically, the crashing of the yellow biplane is a symbol for the unrealistic eternal happiness that Karen and Denys desired. Their love story was naïve and idealistic. Denys’ true counterparts are the noble kings of the African plains – the lions. This perfect pairing is portrayed when lions settle on Denys’

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