Similarities Between Antigone And Creon

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Antigone Essay In the story of “Antigone” Antigone wanted to give her brother a proper burial that was a law King Creon had made. Antigone loved her brother and was not satisfied with her brother’s improper burial. Even though if anyone in the city disobeys Creon’s law will be immediately punished, she did not have concern for herself only for her family. Creon was acting out of hatred and humility and did not have any concern for his new law that most did not agree with. When comparing Antigone and Creon it is apparent that Antigone is the stronger one of the two because she is able look past herself and do what was right for her family. Antigone is much more stronger and powerful than her new king, Creon because she is able to put herself aside and think about someone else. Antigone did not think that it was right for her brother to not be able to be buried after his death. When she got caught trying to him she did not deny anything towards the burial because she was brave enough to not deny what she did, “‘And you, Antigone, You with your head hanging––do you confess this thing? ANTIGONE: I do. I deny nothing. … CREON:Tell me, tell me briefly: Had you heard my proclamation touching this matter? ANTIGONE: It was public. Could I help hearing it? CREON: And yet you dared defy the law. ANTIGONE: I dared.’” She was unconcerned for her well being and possibly being sent to death for the burial of her brother. She has loyalty to her family unlike Ismene who was able to not
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