Similarities Between Buck And White Fang

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Buck vs White Fang

What might one read about the survival of the fittest, the law of club and fang, and life in Alaska? The other is Jack London and he is the man who brought both of these books White Fang and Call of the wild. In the first points on their lives, they were complete opposites. In the middle, they were in the same place. Both of the dogs were in a dog sled team. The only difference is that buck was in the back of the sled, and then he had to fight for the leader of the dog sled team. White Fang was the leader in the first place because everyone knows how strong he was as a leader, they did not know that about Buck. At the end, White Fang was in the city in California, where Buck was first, then goes into the wild where White Fang was born and raised.(London, 1979) The first theme is the law of club and fang. It would come if he fought other dogs that you were supposed to in the wild. The only way they do not get beat is if one dog gets away really fast and escapes so it does not get caught. That is exactly what White Fang did. If one of the dogs gets knocked off its feet in that fight it will be there next meal and this was the law of the fang. The club was if he or she get caught then you will get beaten. The law club and fang really affected White Fang. He found out that if your god doesn't give the punishment then the dog can fight back and if it is your god then he can fight it. So he got real mean at everything. It got even worse when Beauty took him.

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