Analysis Of White Fang By Jack London

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The book White Fang is yet another successful novel that was written by Jack London that will interest nearly anyone who reads it. The novel, featuring people, wolves, dogs, and other animals, is categorized as realistic fiction. Through the book, London gives readers accurate insight on survival in the natural world and natural selection, adding importance. It also shows how the presence of other creatures, especially humans, affects wildlife. Separated into five different parts, this well written book continues to captivate more and more people. The story takes place mainly far in the North, specifically in Canada, in Yukon Territory. The action occurs around the same time that Jack London’s previous book, The Call of the Wild, did. …show more content…

In the beginning, Judge Scott did not trust or care for White Fang much until he saved the judge from Jim Hall, who attempted to harm him after escaping from prison. Yet, after this, the judge believed in the wolf and praised him.
The beginning of the novel is about two men, Bill and Henry, traveling in the Yukon. They get attacked by a group of wolves, lead by a she wolf. While Henry survives, Bill ends up being eaten by the wolves. After Henry is saved, the story then focuses on the wolves rather than people. After the pack eats and splits up, it continues on with only three wolves, the she wolf, One Eye, and two others. One Eye battles with them in order to win the she wolf as a mate, and he succeeds. They travel as mates and come along an Indian camp where they are able to steal meat from snares. Soon, she the she wolf is able to find a cave and give birth. Unfortunately, One Eye is killed by a lynx, and a famin takes place. Due to this, only one pup is able to survive, White Fang. He almost did not survive, but the she wolf was able to find food. As he grows, the pup discovers men, who give him his name. When the she wolf arrives, the native men realize that it is Kiche, a half wolf half dog that escaped. Soon, Grey Beaver becomes their new owner, and there, White Fang encounters Lip-Lip, and for the first time, he sees and gets hurt by fire. White Fang learns submission from his new owner after attempting to go with his mother after

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