Similarities Between Buddhism And Buddhism

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Siddhartha Gautama was a prince born in 563 BC, who was dissatisfied with the teachings of Hinduism. Because of this, Siddhartha wanted enlighten himself, so he embarked on what was called the Great Departure where he wandered for six years fasting and meditating in order to find clarity and understanding about life. Siddhartha Gautama, sat under a tree in Gaya meditating for 49 days when he came up with the 3 reasons for human suffering. In fact, this tree was called the Tree of Wisdom, the birth place of Buddhism. With regards to this, his three reasons for human suffering is, wanting what we like but do not have, wanting to keep what we like and already have, and not wanting what we dislike but have. With this in mind, he developed various teachings that he believed would help people become enlightened and obtain Nirvana.
Firstly, The Three Jewels of Buddhism are very important factors when trying to understand the dynamics of Buddhism. As a matter of fact, it gives a direct outline of the structure of Buddhism religion and how it works. For instance, the founder of Buddhism the Buddha, the first jewel is at the top, then the second jewel the Dharma wheel which has eight spokes that represent the eight teaching of Buddhism. In fact, the Dharma wheel includes teachings of the Buddha, and broadcast his various ideologies about the truths and laws of the universe. Additionally, the third and final jewel is called the Sangha, and this consist of the Buddhist community.

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