Similarities Between Charlotte Bronte's Life and Jane Eyre's Life

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This study mainly concerns with the similarities between Jane Eyre and Charlotte Bronte’s life. The aim is to find out how Charlotte Bronte’s life and experiences affect Jane Eyre. The most frequently and the most effective similarities from the earlier parts of their lives to the end of their lives are given in this study. It is also aimed to determine the frequency of similarities and effectiveness of these similarities by analyzing their lives. After analyzing the collected data, the findings of the analysis show that there are many similarities in each part of their lives. The similarities in their childhood are the most effective ones. It can be easily concluded that Jane Eyre is based on the life of Charlotte
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Significance of the study

Jane Eyre by Charlotte Bronte is one of the most important works in English Literature. Jane Eyre’s life in the book has attracted the attention of people for many years. Her interesting life of Jane Eyre is reflected to her creator’s life. In this research, the researchers are going to find the answer of how Charlotte Bronte affects her character and which similarities are seen between them. Bronte creates a life in Jane Eyre to narrate her own life. This research is going to enlighten the people especially their similarities. Therefore, the analyzing of their lives is going to be beneficial for those who deal with English Language and Literature. What is more, it is going to be useful for ordinary people who are interested in literature. In the light of this research, understanding of the lives of Jane Eyre and Charlotte Bronte is going to be more effective and enjoyable.

Literature Review

The life and characteristics of Bronte affect her work, Jane Eyre. There have been many different perspectives associated with this topic until now. In Charlotte Brontë and the Mysteries of Love: Myth and Allegory in Jane Eyre, Elizabeth Imlay mentions this reality; “ Because so much is known Charlotte Bronte’s history, it is easy to fix on resemblances between her life and

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