Similarities Between Civil Liberties And Civil Rights

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1 Aashish Aman Professor Sharifian Govt 2305 29 September 2017 Civil Rights and Liberties Civil liberties are the essential rights that which gives the freedom of the people guaranteed by the constitution. 2 Right to free speech, Right to privacy, Right to marry, Right to vote, Right to Speech and many more fall under the civil liberties. Generally, civil liberties are the rights that allows people to make their own decisions without any exceptions. Even government cannot hinder the right of people which falls under the civil liberties. Similarly, the rights that protect the people from the inequality, discrimination under anything are known as Civil rights. These are the rights made by the constitution considering race, religion, …show more content…

In my case, I am an International student and I come here for study; though I will be graduate in my future and become a software engineer but I can’t get job over here in a first chance as according to the bills passed by the current President, Donald Trump. As he said that first Americans were given priority in every sectors and the rest for others. Though it is a civil rights for an American citizen, it hinders my liberties for right to work. Similarly, currently President Trump banned the Muslin Country in the United States; as they are Muslin so they can’t come back to America after they go back to their home country which automatically violates the civil rights as it discriminates the people based on religion. This is how I feel being an international citizen here in United States of America.
For an instance, we can see one of the case of civil liberties, “Ashcroft Vs American Civil Liberties Union (ACLU).” Congress passed the Child Online Protection Act (COPA) to keep minors from getting to erotic entertainment on the web. The American Civil Liberties Union (ACLU) and online distributers sued in government court to counteract implementation of the

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