Similarities Between Gary Goss Pleasantville And Blue Velvet

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While suburbia is not quite a city to be registered as a cinematic city, it has its own specific way of life just any city does. The speciality of suburbia though, is that it can be branded, sold and recreated in most places in America. It is the complete full circle of the American Dream, or better yet it is the trademarked edition. The 1950’s are thought of as the peak, or stereotypical best, the American Dream with the white picket fence, 2.5 kids, and a hot meal waiting for you when you get home. While this idea may be postcard or billboard perfect, it is not as perfect for everyone involved or for the future when it looked at from under the service. Gary Ross’ Pleasantville and David Lynch’s Blue Velvet both explore the idea of the suburban American Dream and that it is not as squeaky clean perfection as it seems.
Gary Ross’ Pleasantville is the story of two modern day children being magically zapped into a TV Land-esque show, called Pleasantville, about stereotypical perfect 1950’s life in the suburbs. Pleasantville is a town that is a vision of America in its commercial best, with its two parent households, church on Sunday and white pearly teeth. It is a town that
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There is forever filth wherever there is cleanliness. The ordinary now begins to twist and look strange, specifically when analysing Jeffrey’s character as he is the town’s “ol’ boy”. While he is still the same person, he is is no longer dirt-free. The dark and disgusting has corrupted our idealism in suburbs being the American Dream. Jeffrey has changed along with our perception of suburbia, because dirt sticks. The viewers of this film get thrown into becoming voyeurs along with Jeffrey. So when the big question of whether not Jeffrey is a “deceptive or pervert” comes up, it is not only directed at him but at the viewers for watching and being invested in such horror along with
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