Similarities Between Geoffrey Chaucer And The Wife Of Bath

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The middle class are a class of people, who in modern day society, get to experience most of what luxuries life has to offer: the ‘American Dream’ as some put it. Among them are those who have enough money to indulge themselves a bit in travel or expensive jewelry and can afford to pursue hobbies such as art and music, but still have to worry about taxes, home expenses, and other such bills that take up most of their income. The middle class of modern society dates back to the Renaissance era where science, trade, and the arts skyrocketed one of the first enlightenment periods of human history giving way to much more healthy and joyful lives for the men and women who were once considered peasants to the royal families of the time. A relatively colourful and romantic piece of literature from the 15th century gives the modern readers a glimpse of the birth of the middle class is The Canterbury Tales, by Geoffrey Chaucer. The Canterbury Tales is a collection of 24 stories give the readers a look into each of the classes of society of the Renaissance; from knights to peasants, and most especially, middle class men and women. One story in particular, titled “The Wife of Bath” tells a rather colourful tale of a middle class woman whose character illustrates this new, rising class of people. Through her tale Chaucer gives a glimpse of the rise of the middle class during the Renaissance which bears some striking resemblance to the middle class of modern times.

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