Similarities Between 'Hiroshima And War Of The Worlds'

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Topic Sentence
Both texts demonstrate the same theme of characters as the two different local working class family experiences of the disaster in two dissimilar ways.
Further Evidence
In the novella ‘Hiroshima’, Sachi and her mum survived the disaster except her sister Riko and her dad, on the other hand, the film ‘War of the Worlds’, all the main protagonists Ray, Robbie and Rachael survived the disaster to meet his ex-wife in Boston.

Explanation of Evidence

Sachi’s family did not survive in the disaster in the city of Hiroshima, Japan. Sachi loses her father on an island in the Pacific and her sister Riko in the bombing. (page 24 & 30)
Explanation of Evidence
Although the novella explores that many people died in the

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