Similarities Between Lost Of Motion And Lost In Motion

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When it comes to speaking or performing in front of an audience, everyone has their own ways of handling the situation, even if they don’t have a fear of a big audience. Some people imagine their audience naked and some imagine themselves somewhere else. This trick to performing is expressed in both “Lost in Motion” and “Lost in Motion 2” These short films depict two professional dancers performing breath-taking moves, all while in perfect elegance. These two short films have both similarities and differences. The comparison of these films can be best categorized by its setting, its mood, and its music
As stated in the introduction, both people in the “Lost in Motion” videos are both professional dancers. When the two dance, they seem to be alone in their thoughts. In “Lost in Motion”, the male dancer is performing his routine backstage behind the curtain, he is alone both in his mind and outside of it as well. The area where he is dancing is pitch black with blue lines complementing each strong movement. After he finishes his routine, he proceeds to enter onto the stage in front of the audience. In “Lost in Motion 2”, the female dancer is performing in front of a live audience, however in her mind she is alone. In her mind, she is dancing on a giant floating rock structure in an ominous place filled with storms. While in this place, she dances on the edge, fearlessly. After her performance, she then proceeds to enter backstage.
The settings of both short films contribute

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