Similarities Between Modern And Modern Music

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Essay From the beginning of time humans have created music with their voices and have used technology to create instruments and different sounds to create music. Everything comes from something, all music is inspired by something. This is seen through the similarities between modern and ancient music. The musicians Lido and Giovanni Gabrieli share many musical elements. Peder Losnegård also known as Lido, LidoLido, Lil'P, and Trippy Turtle is a Norwegian rapper, record producer, singer, and songwriter. He was born at Tysvær, Norway on October 26, 1992. But moved to Los Angeles, CA, USA to further his career. He is skilled at playing many instruments: his vocals, piano, the drums, and programming. He makes music in the genres of electronica, wonky, trip hop, hip-hop, and jersey club. He’s been active from 2005 to present day. Losnegård grew up writing songs and playing the piano, and he liked to listen to hip hop music, and later developed his own melodic style, mixing genres of music. In 2005 he participated in Melodi Grand Prix Junior as Lil'P. He later changed his stage nameLidoLido. A few years after that he released five free mixtapes online, which increased his popularity. He also released his first official single "Go'n Be Gone" on the Fairplay Entertainment label. Then Losnegård appeared on NRK's Lydverket magazine, and signed to Universal Music Norway. And finished high school Skeisvang High School in Haugesund, where he studied music. In 2011
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