Similarities Between Monomyth And Osmosis Jones

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Connection Between the Monomyth and Osmosis Jones The monomyth or, Hero’s Journey, is an outline or pattern of events that a hero may follow in a story or movie. This so called pattern takes place in two locations, the ordinary world and the supernatural world. Joseph Campbell was the first person to notice this outline and actually research it. After his passing, Hollywood development executive, Chris Vogler, took the lead and condensed the outline. Osmosis Jones is just one example of a movie which follows the monomyth. This movie also serves as a great lesson of perseverance, because even through the trials and tribulations, Jones never gives up and in the end is rewarded. As Jones goes through the stages of the monomyth, he is considered a hero and obtains perseverance. The start of the monomyth is life in the ordinary world. This means that the hero is living a normal life and does not know that trials are coming his or her way. In Osmosis Jones, Jones is exploring the body as he normally would until the initial problem occurs. When Frank eats the egg, Jones then begins his call to adventure. The highly contaminated egg makes Frank sick and that is when Jones is initially put to the test. As a white blood cell, his original job was to clean the mouth of bacteria. At the start of the movie Jones is not particularly happy that he is cleaning the mouth and feels like he is too good for that. Although Jones does not give up, he does face many challenges throughout the

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