Similarities Between Much Ado About Nothing And Hamlet

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Evelina Dolbnya Humanities 211-27 12-01-2017 Professor Max Hohner Critical Analysis Essay Love in Much Ado about Nothing and Hamlet Love is one of the most happiest, warming, romantic human feeling. It could either build you up or break you down. It seems to be everywhere and surrounds us throughout our lives and comes in different forms. Understanding what love is comes from the beginning, from birth; from the time your mother held you and kissed you. Then as we people start to mature, we understand what true love is, sometimes through hardship. Love has been around for a long time and it inspired many to draw beautiful story-telling images and also write poetry and plays. Love is something that everyone comes in touch with no matter the social status or age. Shakespeare was an author that wrote about love and in his writing he captured the spirit of different love. Capturing the ups and downs and how beautiful it could be to fall in love. In Shakespeare’s plays, romance and love is often a bit over exaggerated and ended in a tragedy. True, romantic love, in his plays usual end in tragedy, someone ends up dying, either for someone’s good or for his/her own good like in Romeo Juliet. Hamlet and Much Ado About Nothing do have the same author but do have differences as well as similarities. Love takes different views in both plays. For example, in Hamlet marriage was used in advantage to achieve something. Meanwhile in Much Ado About Nothing marriage came from love. The

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