Two of the Strongest Emotions A person can Feel

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Love and hate are two of the strongest emotion a person has for two seemingly very different reasons. These two emotions are classified as total opposites, but I believe that they are closer than one might expect even though they have very different connotations.
Love is classified as the stereotypical eccentric and bubbly emotion with a fairly positive connotation. When you feel love, you feel like you are walking on air and you don’t understand it but all you know is that you are feeling the quintessence of happiness. In a relationship, love makes you feel a oneness with another human being. You feel like you are the only two people in the world and nothing can break it apart. Love can do all these things but it's not all happy. When
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We use hate to cover a large range of feelings and for different situations for example a child who "hates" vegetables or their homework, to a leader of a country who tries to expunge everyone of a certain religion or ethnicity. Hate can be associated with a wide range of emotions from fear to anger and involves the most primitive parts of the brain and the parts that develop latest in human evolution. Hate is the fuel behind the greatest disasters in the world. Take for example the Holocaust, that was all caused because of bigotry. So many people lost their lives that the holocaust has gone down as one of the worse attempts of genocide. Hate can bring out the absolute worst in a person as shown in the Holocaust. In the holocaust it also shows how hate can be a similar to a disease with how ordinary people were turn into blood-thirsty murderers. Most times hate is illogical and needs absolutely no proof of "why" it just is. Sometimes all hate needs is just a small passageway and it can break into a person and bring out the worst. Have you ever noticed how a person's slightest movements and mannerisms can cause you to just go crazy? That’s a perfect example of how hate is illogical. The person has not done a thing to you but you still feel as if they have and this tiny bit of hate can cause you to later look for little reasons to hate the person even more. Some believe the hate isn't inherently bad be used in the capacity of good as well as evil. Hate can actually be a
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