Similarities Between Religion And Humanity

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Religion and humanity has always been closely correlated as most religious practices believe in peace and prosperity within humanity and having a connection with God. Religion is important to understand when studying cross-cultural differences and similarities. Humanity Is described as characteristics that make us human. Once again, religion advocates for these characteristics to be upheld in respects to religious teachings. These two themes will be discussed thoroughly in correlation to the two films of The Mission (1986) directed by Roland Joffé and Spring, Summer, Fall, Winter and…Spring (2003) directed by Kim Ki-duk. In the films there are several points of comparison between eastern and western cultures including the ideas …show more content…

The fundamental meaning of humanity indicates the values and qualities that, in all, define human nature(Stuart). This includes the corporeal, intellectual and ethical planes that each individual has ownership of. Historically, the idea of humanity and what makes us human had been distorted through the ideologies that stated that a man who was not trained in those fundamental powers were not recognised as humans in a sense (Stuart). This is shown in the film, The Mission, when priests gathered and were discussing the inhuman or animalistic nature of the Guarani people of Southern America. They contrasted themselves as images of humanity, with being educated, cultured and having history of their own Quote this/movie . Furthermore, the Christian or religious definition of humanity has a much more significant connotation. The Christian definition in turn encourages the loving and compassionate consideration of others. Which, again in the film The Warrior, we see the clear disregard for this. Moreover, countless other meanings for the term Humanity draws close to the idea of the brotherhood of man without discriminating race, relationships or rank and recognised the rights of every man

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