Similarities Between Robert Ewell And To Kill A Mockingbird

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In Harper Lee’s To Kill A Mockingbird she tells the story of a huge variety of characters. Atticus Finch fathers two children, he works as a lawful lawyer and often has to remain absent from home. Robert Ewell fathers eight children, whom he raises on his own do to the death of his wife. Robert Ewell lives as a poor man who rarely receives respect in Maycomb County, the town of which they live. Though they may share the similarity of being fathers, Atticus Finch and Robert Ewell greatly contrast in their morals and views, parenting styles, and in the outcome of their children. Atticus Finch holds himself high with respectable views and morals. He believes that his own self respect is tied with if he ever did something he didn't believe in, he would lose his right of authority. Along with this, Atticus speaks against racism stating that, though some black people may do wrong, that is the same for whites and every other race. He explained that every group of people has it’s good & bad members, and likewise it would be foolish to convict Tom Robinson solely because of his race. When Atticus hears his daughter Scout saying the “n-word” he explains to her of its impropriety and embraced the word around town of him loving blacks claiming that he does, for he loves everyone. Almost the complete adverse of Atticus,is Robert Ewell. Time and time again Tom Robinson dehumanizes Tom Robinson within the court's trial, never referring to Tom by his name or even the pronoun ‘he’. Rather,

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