Similarities Between The Dystopia And The Giver Society

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What would life be like if we were living in a utopian world? The world “Utopian” refers to perfect world. In Jonas world, everyone in the community lives by the community rules. The rules are very strict, and they are all based on the same principle of sameness. Lois Lowry explains how “The Giver” shows how their society was claimed to be a utopia but really turned out to be a dystopia. In the book, “The Giver” by Lois Lowry there are many similarities and differences with their society and our modern-day society. One comparison connecting our modern-day society to the one in the novel, would be they are both run by a government. In the novel, “The Giver” it states that , “The community was so meticulous ordered, and the choices are carefully made by the government.” Basically the committee takes the place of the government and sets the laws also “The Chief Of Elders”. Therefore, their society is run by something that has full control over their community just like in our modern-day society. In our society, we also have laws that governs our actions and require us to follow in order to be safe. For instance, if a citizen breaks any of our laws there will be a conquense such as fine, community service, or even time in jail. There all also many differences throughout comparing and contrasting “The Giver” to our modern-day society. One of the major differences is that people in “The Giver” don’t choose their spouses, children or jobs. Families are created
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