Similarities Between The Illiad And Theseus

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A hero can be defined as one who risks his or her life for the greater good. The majority of heroes are looked up upon and inspire others to better themselves. In the stories, The Illiad and Theseus, both heroes are both born with abilities that allow them to accomplish many great things in their lifetime, but they still have human-like traits that make them relate to us more and make us admire them even more. Both Theseus and Achilles are the offspring of a god or goddess, which helps them during difficult times or to do things that are right. Thetis, Achille's mother, is the goddess of water and Theseus' father is later revealed to be Poseidon, god of the sea and horses, making both heroes a demi-god. Poseidon leaves Theseus a golden …show more content…

On the other hand, Theseus was loyal towards his people and his country. He defended his country from the Amazonians and the Minotaur. The Amazonians were a group of women that lived in Asia and were fierce warriors. They invaded Greece and Athens. By listening to Athena's advice Theseus was able to defeat them. Achilles shows his sympathy towards Hector's father even though he despised his son. Priam, Hector's father and the king of Troy, comes to Achilles wailing and pleading for his beloved son's body back so that he could have a proper funeral. When Hector pleads to Achilles as his dying wish to return his body to his father and mother " that our men and women may accord me to decency of fire when I am dead.(page 258)" But Achilles refuses his request by claiming that he won't have a deathbed "...nor will you be laid out and mourned by her who gave birth to you. (pg 258)" Achilles despises Hector so much that he wants him to be eaten by animals, but understanding how it feels like to loose a loved one, he returns Hector's body to Priam and Hector is given a proper

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