Similarities Between Theseus And Theseus

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In most stories the typical hero is a person who is selfless, strong, uses their power, if any, to help others, and are usually nice and humble. Greek heroes however tend to vary in comparison. For instance, in the Iliad by Homer, the Greek hero Achilles is very strong and well loved, but he only fights in battles to gain personal glory, not to help others however, he is still a hero nonetheless. The ideal of heroism fluctuates between cultures, therefore the notions of heroism set forth can be contradicting. The heroes in the short stories Theseus retold by Robert Graves and The White Snake by the Grimm brothers show similar and dissimilar traits in both character, and the concept of heroism; but, both of the main characters are still considered heros.
The similar traits that the servant and Theseus share are not immediately noticeable. The servant is more reserved and Theseus is more theatrical, but they are still similar. For example in The White Snake, when the servant finds out that he is being accused of theft he does not hesitate to have an innocent animal killed in order to clear his name, and in Theseus, when being faced with any obstacle, he just kills the person or foe that is in his way. Another similarity in character between Theseus and the servant is that they both help people and other creatures; though their methods are notably different. For instance in Theseus, in order to help others -- in the same way that he helps himself -- Theseus kills any creature

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