Similarities Between The Noah And The Epic Of Gilgamesh

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Two similar great floods occur in both mythical and historical stories known as Noah’s Ark
(from The Bible; book of Genesis) and The Epic of Gilgamesh. When reading and comparing both of these ancient stories, you can see the similarities and differences between the two. In the story of Noah and his Ark, Noah is told by God to build a boat. “... An ark of cypress wood ...The ark is to be three hundred cubits high …” Similar to God’s command,
Utnapishtim is told to build a similar boat. “ Tear down the house and build a boat … Make all living beings go up into the boat” … “ The boat you are to build, its dimensions must measure equal to each other …” Another similarity between both of these stories could be the fact that both of these stories have their arks built in ‘cubits’, which is a type of ancient measurement. There are many versions of that (more information on that later), but simply put, both Noah and the Epic use a measurement of cubits. In similarity, both stories consist of landing on a mountain. Although the
‘ark landing spot’ is different from each other, they both land on a mountain, not to mention both mountains are roughly 445 miles away from each other. Another example of how both are very similar and different is that both use a dove and a raven to tell if the flood is done and over with.
By releasing the birds, if the bird doesn’t come back, that means the bird has found land nearby and has settled. If the birds come back, that means

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