Similarities Between The Socs And Greasers

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The story takes place in an unnamed town in an unnamed state around 1965. There are two major groups in this unnamed town: The Greasers and The Socs. Naturally each group hates each other. The Socs think the Greasers are just some white trash with filthy hair and the Greasers think the Socs are some privileged rich kids with no worries besides what Greaser to jump next. The movie starts with a sudden tragic event. At this event there are two young Greasers: Johnny Cade and Ponyboy Curtis. These two have recently been with two Soc girls at the movie house. These are two of the most well known Soc boyś girlfriends, so when Bob and his gang see these kids with their girls obviously there is some conflict. Bob finds these kids a little while later

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