Similarities Between The Storm And Lamb To The Slaughter

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A woman’s only mission, in the 19th and early 20th century, was to get married, take care of her husband and have babies. Often, marriage was nothing more than a practical bond, in other words, a woman didn’t always choose a husband because she was in love. In the short story “The storm” by Kate Chopin and “Lamb to the slaughter” by Roal Dahl a contrast is created between the two main characters concerning the view of love and marriage. The view on the connection between marriage and love differs between Calixta from “The Storm” and Mary from “Lamb to the Slaughter” but coincide when it comes to the conception of marriage.
The character of Calixta from the short story “The Storm” doesn’t associate marriage with love. In fact, she has absolutely no passion in her marriage. The disconnection between marriage and love can be noticed by the symbolism of Calixta’s unawareness towards the storm at the beginning of the story. The storm being her need for passion and the obliviousness being the denying of those feelings during her marriage. Also, Kate Chopin reveals in the story that Calixta hasn’t seen Alcée often since her marriage and especially not alone. That statement suggests the existence of a passionate tension between the two characters that Calixta is trying to avoid. Despite the love she has been feeling for Alcée, she still decided not to marry him. Then, to make up for the absence of passionate love in her couple, she engages in an extra conjugal relationship with

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