Similarities Between Wizard Of Oz Book And Book

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Up to six million Jews, seven million soviet civilians, and around three million soviet prisoners were killed in the concentration camps according to the encyclopedia of the holocaust. That is still not all of the people that died in the camps. The main character in the book time travels back into the concentration camps to fight for her life. In the movie and the book there is similarities in the allusion, the characters and the conflicts. There is differences in the characters and the scenes, and there is also similarities in the themes. Despite the differences of the book and movie there is also some similarities. The allision demonstrated between the two was one of the similarities. They both show Hannah traveling in time and waking up back into her original time just like the main character in the Wizard of Oz. The characters Hannah and Schmuel both stay the same. Hannah is the main character in both the movie and the book and Schmuel get married in both. Another thing that they have in common is the conflicts. Hannah goes through man verses society when she is fighting against the Nazis. She has to fight them for food, fight them for survival, and fight them for the safety of her friends. The Nazis are slowly taking away those things from her. She is also goes through man versus self. She knows all of the bad things that are going to happen and no one will believe that she is right, so she starts to second guess herself. She also thinks that they are the monsters so
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