Similarities In Anne Frank Tasting The Sky

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Anne frank and tasting the sky are two great pieces of literature. The timeline in anne frank is about the holocaust, and in tasting the sky it is discussing the Israeli and Palestinian conflict. In tasting the sky, the main character is a young girl named ibtisam. Ann Frank, however, is a little different. Anne frank isn’t really a book it’s a diary. Anne Frank wrote in her diary about what happened to her during a short time period in her life. There are many similarities and differences within the two literary works.
One similarity for the two of them is they both had a depressing and difficult life as young girls. Israel occupied Palestine; meanwhile the Nazis were in the process of killing six million Jews. Another comparison is, the
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Both had complicated, troublesome and depressing life as a kid. Anne and her family had to go into hiding; while Ibtisam and hers didn’t necessarily go into hiding they just left their house. Anne stayed into hiding for two years. The Israeli and Palestinian war lasted for six days.
Ibtisam Barakat and Anne Frank obviously had different personalities. Anne was eleven when the Holocaust started and ibtisam was only three when the six day war started. Even though they are extremely different in some ways, they were both very energetic. While ibtisam had no love life, anne had a boyfriend. She would always daydream about him and how she hoped she would get close with him. Ibtisam would go into her journal and write about how she felt. Anne also did the same; she would write about what happened to her and what she did that day.
Understanding the fact that the girls were under a lot of stress and still had hope, it is very significant and just represents how mature they were at such a young age. Dealing with someone, and/or group telling you to leave your country isn’t something you would expect at that age. That was the biggest comparison for the both of them. Sadly, Anne died at the age of thirteen (because of a disease), but ibtisam is still alive, lives in the United States, married and has kids. That is the biggest contradiction for the two of them. There are many differences and similarities between the two of them. Anne Frank and Tasting the Sky are two great pieces of
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