Similes And Change In Dragon Rider By Cornelia Funke

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Imagine of the world was filled with creatures you could never imagine. Do you ever wonder how different life would be if this world had a little more magic. Author, Cornelia Funke tells a story on how the world can be changed and how easily someone's life can change with a different reality. Cornelia Funke writes Dragon Rider which it is about a fun adventure fill of different creatures and a new kind of adventure and she uses a creative way to tell it to her audience. This story was written back in 1997 in Germany and the story is based around that time period. Also being an adventurous story as it being aimed toward young teens. The author is using imagery to take the reader into another time and place different from today’s reality. As…show more content…
Cornelia mainly uses in visual imagery to help the reader picture about what's going on. To help describe the story is using similes and metaphors; using that kind of figurative language helps the reader relate to what she’s describing at that time. Moreover, Funke writes, “the sturdy wall around the top of the well fell apart like a set of dominoes…” (Book page 267). Cornelia Funke uses a simile for the reader to picture what’s going on so they can understand the scene better, and also using that example it can relate to the audience since dominoes is a very popular game and most people know what it is. When the author uses visual elements, it can describe the characters and settings, because utilizing visual words can describe an entity or verb, avails the reader understand the scene better. Withal, color avails the story for symbolic reasons, Funke may describe the setting colors to set the mood of the scene as a good inditer would do. “Spotted sulfur-yellow coat and bright catlike eyes,” (Novel pg 834) was a description she used for describing a character and also with the mood for making it more perky to show the mood is mor3e positive at this time. While using sound as a symbol on what the author is describing she also uses visual…show more content…
While communication and dialog are key to the story with the characters and the story line, it also helps with the imagery of the story and helping it develop the image of the story. “‘In case you do , I feel sure it could help Firedrake.’” (pg 762) This is one of the characters in the book describing how she feels while talking assisting the audience. Cornelia Funke uses references to different and relatable sounds for the reader. Using relatable or well known sounds can make it more relatable for the reader to picture the sound in their head. To give an illustration, Funke describes a scene as, “screeches sounding desperate...cawing horsley.” Since there is mythical creatures in the story she has to make it familiar to the reader to know that it is going on and to describe the creature. She also using resonance in the story to help describe the sound going on; also to help the reader understand a powerful and important message she is trying to get by in the story. “Feed the story with patience, passion and time to have an impact on the message.” (Funke) as she describes in an interview with her publisher. To write better story and get the point by the reader that she is trying to make stand out at the time. Sound can help bring the story to life for the reader, as does
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