Simple Bank : The Bank That Helps You Budget Essay

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Simple Bank Review: The Bank That Helps You Budget Simple Bank is also known as, Simple, but finding the bank by typing Simple into Google is tough. Simple Bank is a digital checking account that some like to call an online bank. They call it an online bank because they do not have branches that you can visit; you have to undertake all of your transactions online.

Simple Bank is mostly used by people on their Smartphone, but you can use it via a web browser on a desktop computer if you wish. There isn’t very much that separates this company from a digital wallet. For example, a digital wallet doesn’t allow you to deposit cash, and neither does Simple Bank. A digital wallet gives you a card, and Simple Bank gives you a card. Digital wallets operate mostly online, and so does Simple Bank. The similarities between Simple Bank and digital wallet are obvious, so why isn’t it called a digital wallet service?

H3 Why Isn’t Simple Bank A Digital Wallet?

Simple Bank offers a visa checking account card, whereas most digital wallets offer MasterCard cards. The Simple Bank card may be used in over 55,000 ATMs without you having to pay a fee, which is more than many digital wallet services are able to boast.

Many digital wallets offer some form of contactless pay, whereas Simple Bank doesn’t at the moment. Simple Bank is only available to US citizens, whereas digital wallets often have international access. Also, Simple Bank is part of the BBVA group, which
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