Simple Human Emotions In Hell-Heaven, By Pranab Kaushik

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Hell-Heaven is a story that explores simple human emotions such as loneliness, love, jealosy and also describes how people change drastically over time. Pranab Chakraborty is a student of MIT, Boston. On streets of Boston he sees a traditional Bengali mother Abarna and her daughter Usha, a little girl. And he follow both of them and at finally befriending with them. Aparna, herself homesick and lonely, can empathize with Pranb and she is happy to feed him. After that he is a regular visiter of Usha,s house. Overtime,Aparna looks forward eagerly for the visiting of Pranab and she develops the a unique kind of love towards him. Abarna’s love on Pranab, turns towards into jealosy when Pranab brings home an American woman, Deborah, whom he eventually marries. Always Abarna keeps blaming and criticizing Deborah.After twenty-three years Deborah and Pranab finally divorce. The reasons behind the divorce revealed. This story is also recounts the unique mother and daughter relationship that develops between Aparna and Usha.
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The first story of the nine collections, A Temporary Matter which is about the childless couple Shoba and Shukumar, living at Boston in America both are belongs to Indian origin. In this story, Lahiri talks about the sufferings of immigrants throughout the story. The darkness is actually helps them to be more honest with each other, especially they make it into a game in the dark. The husband thinks the game is making them to close. However, Shoba surprises Shukumar and she tells him at the end that she has want to leave from him. The husband, reveals something incredibly cruel to the wife about their still born child. During that, they are cry together about their lost baby and lost

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