Sinclair's Life In The Jungle, By Upton Sinclair

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Upton Sinclair started his young life being born in Baltimore, Maryland September 20th, 1878 ( ). Upton was an only child to an alcoholic salesman and a very strong-willed stay -at home mother. They lived in a small house in Baltimore living in poverty. At the age of 10, Upton’s father decided to move the family to New York. Upton already started reading famous works from Shakespeare and more and started to get a step into push into his future career ( ). Upton first started writing and selling stories at the age of 14 at his college in New York. After the age of 20, Upton decided to become a full-fledged writer and no one was going to stop him. Upton Sinclair was motivated to write the story “The Jungle” by his political motivations ( ). The story “The Jungle” is well known and considered to be his most successful story. Upton, as a child made judgements and opinions of the wealthy and that grew into his socialism thoughts. In 1903 his work sent Upton to Chicago to investigate reported mistreatment of employees at the meatpacking facilities ( ).
After spending weeks undercover as a meatpacking worker, Upton gathered enough evidence to write his manuscript that later became “The Jungle”. Upton’s main motivation of writing the manuscript was to describe the cruelty of workers but he used his creativity to describe the cruelty of animals that he witnessed and how unsanitary the

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