Singing While Playing An Instrument

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Singing while playing an instrument is no easy feat and some of the most talented players can start making mistakes when singing is involved. You might have spent your playing career looking at your instrument and taking your eye of the instrument can result in missed notes or stumbling words. But adding singing to your playing can be extremely useful skill to master. It can add more depth to your band’s performance, make socialising with friends a bit more fun and improve your playing. So how can you do it? Become One With Your Instrument It might sound obvious, but unless you are comfortable with the instrument you play, you are complicating things by starting to sing. If getting through a song on your guitar is difficult enough without singing, you are probably better off taking a few online lessons to improve your skillset before starting to sing. Being comfortable playing the guitar doesn’t necessarily mean you need to be a master of your instrument. You just need to be aware of the most essential skills, like being able to play the chords of your chosen song without thinking too much. Indeed, singing while playing a musical instruments like the piano or the guitar can be useful when you are practicing notes, chords and the like, but you should definitely learn the basics of both separately before you take it all a step further. Don’t Be Too Ambitious If you are new to singing, don’t start with the most challenging of songs. While you might be able to play the
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