Single Parent Dating Research Paper

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Dating as a single parent can be overwhelming frustrating and scary. You are in this mindset of wanting to find companionship, but you have children to think about as well. The world of dating can be a scary place for any single parent, for they want to connect with another person while still protecting their children from another loss. We understand your feelings and want to provide you with some dating tips for single parents, because this chapter in your life doesn’t have to be a negative one.
Remember You’re Creating a Family
Consider this tip number 1: you are dating to create a family, whoever you determine to commit to will play the parent role with you.
No longer are the days where dating only involved you and another adult, these …show more content…

If you recently separated from your children’s other parent, they are not going to be so welcoming to this idea of dating as you are. Let’s face it, you are separated because the relationship faded long ago, your children however don’t feel that way. Allow time for the shock of the parental split to subside before introducing your children to another potential parental unit.
Invite Older Children without Force
Consider this tip number 3: give your older children time to build a bond at their own pace, rather than forcing them to accept a new parental figure.
Being a single parent to older children can make dating even more difficult to handle, because your older children understand what is going on a bit deeper than the younger ones. Once you have determined who you want to create this new family with, extend an invite to your older children to come along on some dates. Extending an invite to have your older child to go to dinner or out to an event with you and your new partner will allow them to slowly accept and form a bond with this new person.
Continue Having Time with Your Children
Consider this tip number 4: take time to balance your love life and parent life, your children will start to pull away if they feel your new partner is taking you away from

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