Single Parent Families Case Study

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As many families in today’s society suffer to make ends meet, it is important to remember, “Parents with meager means have the same aspirations for their children as other parents. Children from poor families have the same needs as other children” as Mark Sanford (2015) once said. In every family scenario, the basic life can be affected based on the economic situation each family is in. Each family, when put in various scenarios deals with certain circumstances differently. The family scenario that will be applied throughout this essay was based in a single-parent household, where the father had just passed away; there were also two children which the mother had to support on a low wage job. Within this type of family, it was noticed how it may become difficult for single parents to conquer all the issues going on in their lives . (Statistics Canada, 2017) Throughout the many families across Canada, 17% of children live below the poverty line (Stats.Can 2017). When analyzing the mother's income of $3,146 a month, 37,750 a year, it becomes obvious how easily it can become to fall into poverty with only one income, at a close to minimum wage position. Due to the many children in these situations living in a single parent household (Rothman, 2007), the government chose to reach out to these families and provide extra support (Statistics Canada, 2017 2). It is important to give these families an opportunity to succeed and to further their chances of getting

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