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SAVED Presentation – Singtel Telcommuncation 1. External Environment Analysis & Implications a. Political - Legal While SingTel once enjoyed monopoly in Singapore’s telecom industry, the government (IDA) introduced and encouraged competition in year 1992, believing to prepare Singapore in general for expected increased in competition and expansion both domestically and internationally. SingTel then has been greatly affected with strong competitions such as Starhub and M1 (which respectively acquire 29% and 26% market share dated 2011 Q2). Initiatives from the Singapore’s iN2015 strategy has also been outlined to grow the info-communication sector so as to build a well connected society in Singapore with the global communication; that…show more content…
The services provided by telecommunications companies and also the internet players are increasingly and quickly merging onto the mobile internet platform. In this fast moving technological world, more consumers are using their mobile phones to get connected to the internet for information, entertainment and also transactions, as smart phones and tablets become more prevalent. With the technology of the smart phones, we are facing more competitors who are offering free services that ride on our networks, for example, Whatsapp. This intensifies price competition for our industry. Today, the area which are growing and expanding the fastest in global telecommunications is mobile data. In order for us to keep up with the demand, we will have to be active in innovating new products to shape communications that will enhance the lives of our consumers and empower their businesses into the future. We
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