Sir Gawain And The Green Knight

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In the story Sir Gawain and the Green Knight, Gawain, a young and modest Knight of the Round Table accepts a challenge that is presented to him on New Year’s Eve. When a mysterious Green Knight arrives unannounced to King Arthur’s court, he asks for one knight to accept his challenge: a willing knight must strike him with his own axe on the agreement that the Green Knight gets to return the blow in exactly a year and a day. When none of the knights are willing to accept the challenge, Gawain, fearing that his king will have accept, decides he will be the one to honor the Knight’s request. While Gawain believed that his acceptance of the challenge was to prove himself to his fellow knights, the challenge that Gawain undertook was a true test of Gawain’s genuine nobility. At the end of Gawain’s journey, he realized that temptation could cause disruption to his true moral character. The story of Gawain is an allegory that shows how surrendering to temptation can steer mankind away from their good moral judgment. Gawain is the only knight who was bold enough to accept the Green Knight’s challenge. He understood the risk that he was taking, and knew the fate that might await him. Even though Gawain knew that the acceptance of this challenge might lead to his death, he recognized that it was his duty as a knight to accept a dangerous task on behalf of his king. He also saw the Green Knight’s challenge as an opportunity to express his nobility to his fellow knights and to prove

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