Sir Gawain and The Green Knight

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Acknowledges as one of the greatest achievements in English literature, the poem titled “Sir Gawain and The Green Knight”, managed to so eloquently incorporate the romantic genre of the medieval times and parallel it to the image of chivalrous knights. Even though knights are often noted as imperfect leads, Sir Gaiwan is portrayed as the imperfect hero through the symbol reflected through the pentangle which is revealed throughout the entire poem. The fact that Sir Gaiwan is portrayed as the imperfect hero raises a sense of curiosity for the reader, especially when the symbolic meaning tracing the pentangle reflects such gallant value. However, what is evident throughout the poem is how there are countless literal and metaphorical contrasts that upon further examination reference the medieval period and the role of men and women. The pentangle represents several ideals and values with the sole purpose of comparing knightly ideals with the reality of Gaiwan’s quest and overall life. Also referred to as the endless knot, the pentangle is best described as a five pointed star that is enclosed in a circle that represents both spiritual and physical elements, and is often worn as an amulet. There have been countless associations made for a pentangle and tend to draw meaning from a religious perspective, as well as a moral one. Therefore, the pentangle signifies several values and forces which emphasize the symbolism and representation of this object. Throughout the poem, the

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