Sir Isaac Newton

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I did sir Isaac Newton for my project. The reason that I did Sir Isaac Newton was because I knew that he had made many great discoveries and observations. I also chose sir Isaac Newton because he is one of the most famous scientists that excelled in astronomy, math, science, and . Sir Isaac Newton’s parents were Isaac and Hannah Newton. Hannah was a well educated woman for her time, she knew how to read and write. On the other hand her husband Isaac was so uneducated that when he signed off his will he couldn’t even write his own name! Instead he simply wrote an X. Sadly a few months before Isaac was born his father Isaac died, leaving Hannah the farm and the baby. When Sir Isaac Newton was just a baby he was very small and frail due to…show more content…
In these classes did well. This continued until he went to King’s School. King’s school was farther than Isaac could travel each day so he went to live with the Clark family, who lived much closer to the school. Isaac was interested in the medicines that Mr.Clark prepared. So during watching Mr.Clark Isaac learned a small amount of chemistry, which would help Isaac in the future. The Clark’s had two sons and one daughter from previous marriages. Isaac did not get along with the two sons and he much preferred being with the daughter. At King’s School they prepared Isaac for the university. To do this it meant to study mostly Latin. Isaac’s love for building mechanical toys and inventing caused him to do poorly in school. Isaac was one of the bottom kids in school. This all change when one of the once of the Clark boys decided to bully Isaac. His name was Arthur Storer. One school morning Arthur kicked Isaac in the gut. After this Isaac challenged him to a fight. Isaac was smaller but had more spirit, so in the end he was the winner. This didn’t satisfy Isaac though, so started to beat him at schoolwork too. This brought him to the top of his class. At the age of sixteen his mother told him that she thought that he should come home to run the farm, but this was the farthest thing from his mind. When he came home to the farm everyone thought that he was crazy. He spent so much time reading and building models. One time…show more content…
In the first experiment he covered all the windows with shutters and pierced a hole in one of them allowing a beam of light to go across the room. Then he placed the prism to refract the light on the opposite wall. The colors formed an oblong shape even though the hole in the wall was round. This showed that the light was refracted. In his second experiment he did all the same things except now he put another prism upside down in front of the other prism. This caused the light to be a single circular strand of light again. In his last experiment he took the same conditions as the first experiment, but this time he isolated one color by allowing only that color through a cad with a hole in it. Then on the other side of the card there was a second prism, when the light passed through the prism it turned out to be the same color that it came in not white. Isaac was able to conduct this experiment with each of the colors. This proved that it took all of the colors to make the white
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