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Georgia Perimeter College
Mr. Bradley
RELI 1301 - World Religions
Spring 2011
Site Visit Report Template1

Note: Students are to read all instructions related to this assignment before completing this template. Place your responses adjacent to or below each item/question – do not delete text from this template. Remember to please use a different font size or color in order to assist me in differentiating your text from that of this template.

Student Name: Raul Leal

Name of Site Visit Location: Kingdom Hall of the Jehovah Witnesses
Religious Tradition: Christianity
Sub-tradition within Larger Religious Tradition: Jehovah Witnesses
Date and Time Attended: Sunday, 3:00pm

Address: 2341 Lake Rockaway Road Northwest …show more content…

Everyone is dressed in their best in suits and dresses, as they feel to dress at their best to worship God, with no jewelry as they believe to keep themselves simple.

2.4. Material culture (respond to 2.4.1 – 2.4.2 below):
2.4.1. (6) Describe the interior area where the worship service is held—its shape, mood-setting features (e.g., colors, lighting, odors, music), seating, kneeling, or other space arrangements; is any area raised or otherwise highlighted? Describe that area’s arrangement.
The interior area is a medium size room which holds about 290 people, with two phrases on each side of the room which says “God is Love.” Some framed pictures are on the walls of simple things as flowers, trees, and fruits. Piano music played in a soft setting is around when entering and when the members sing. No kneeling is done, just bow the heads. They sit on normal casual looking chairs during the service.

2.4.2. (7) What religious symbols are evident? Stained glass windows, candles, incense and other sensory mood-setting features, music (instruments, sound systems, hymnals), flags, posters, banners, vestments and robes, flowers, hymnals, art, etc.
No religious symbols are used in the Kingdom Hall, with no glass windows. As entering the Hall, the only things that are evident simple framed art on the walls of nature, as well a grand piano playing throughout the service.

3. Social

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