Sitna's Character Of Sita In Ramayana

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She is sent to gurukul for her educationa development.Essentially we expect her to be out of the crowd, smartest and near to perfect in alost all the activities as she is the hero. She is fierce and brave. Her skills are the best and the most accurate ones. Various aquaintances with her classmates and teachers explains her furious yet noble nature. She was growing to be a warrior who doesn’t need equipments or war weapons.The most essential part of this period is non violence and violence. The point made to be clear is not that one is wrong or right but the appropriate use of the action with respect to time and situation. The layed a special emphasis on the mental development with modest and highly intellectual perceptions. A significant…show more content…
Sita in Ramayana is patrayed as a harmonious character with the embodiment of beauty, charm and kindness. Her tenderness of heart and abundance of compassion for her faily and friends is quiet evident in most of the chapters. Her endurance and fidelity constantly helped her assert her life and rules. She is considered as an overly submissive to the unquestioning subordination to the demand of her husband. she committed her whole life and died for her husband. Sita as an assertor had a steadfast commitment to the devotion she endeavors to Rama. She was ready to face all kinds of tribulations of jungle even when her husband tried to fighten and prevent her From goin to the forest even after describing the whole lot horrors of the animals and the forest. She was being warned several times about the disadvantages they will face but sita did not step back. In Ramanayana, the poet extends atleast seventeen verses upon convencing Sita not to go to the forest as it is nothing but a very painful life. It is very important for us to note the that Sita is highly driven by a very strong passion just to remain by the side of her husband like a shadow. In some of the arguments Sita states that she is kshatriya wife who keeps courage ahead anf fear behind. Being a brave woman she will conduct the transgression deliberately. She even challenges Rama that was is he afraid of or what might be the reasons he is…show more content…
She stands and matches to the murderous Ravana, the poweful villain. Here Sita is the story while Rama is just the character. She is the warrior. She is the hero. She is the protector. All the fimiliar characters like lord Rama and Lakshman and lord hanuman are seen together with others of Mithila. She teaches us dharama in real sense. As we know that generally men are historically considered as the one to associate with dharama but here Sita is the voice of dharma.other than the book there is a scene in Ramayana when rama and lakshmana were about to leave early in the morning when they ask sita to get them arrows and bows, she taks about dharma and its three basic rules. They were, first not to copulate with other’s wife, second not to make a false speech and third not to use the weapon against the one with whom you do not have enemity. Being a kshatriya wife, the commander at ease tries to make her husband walk on a justified path. She continues to state that weapon is an fire arm hence it should we only used by wise hands with relations to the circumstances. Using weapon is like associating with fire.thus it should be used widely and carefully. A right to weapon equals to the protection of integrity and rights. It shouldn’t be used against the one who is not an enemy. She knows that dharma and truth is well established
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