Situation: . This Past Summer I Was More Happy And Content

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This past summer I was more happy and content with my life then I ever have been before. This was the last summer that I would be able to share with my best friends. I started the summer in a low, I had just broken up with my long-term boyfriend and I needed to be with my girlfriends. Instead of wallowing out the summer, they made it the best time of my life. My friend’s names are Kaitlyn and Siobhan. This would be their last summer as kids before they graduated from College and became “real adults” and began their careers. The time we spent together was by far, the most exciting, fun, and adventurous time of my life. We had a daily routine where we would all text in our Group Message and find out who was working when. …show more content…

Physically I was separated from the two people I had become so attached to the entire summer. School and Volleyball separated us and at first I thought that it was just temporary. Every weekend I would be playing in volleyball tournaments. I would end up staying in the city to go out with my school friends. I was so wrapped up in school and my team that I didn’t realize how much space had separated us. When volleyball ended in November, I suddenly had much more time on my hands then I was used to. Which is when I started noticing that whenever I asked Siobhan or Kaitlyn to hangout, they busy too.
It was hard for me to accept that because I was no longer commuting every day to Boston that just because I had more time didn’t mean that they did as well. In Transitions, William Bridges says “. . . it is very difficult for a member of it to imagine an alternative way of life, and an alternative identity.” (113) This quote resonated with me because that’s exactly how I felt when I realized that things were different with my friends. We had drifted apart and I was struggling to see how I would be able to be myself without being emotionally dependent on my friends.
It was a very confusing time for me. I felt like no one seemed to have any interest in spending time with me anymore. I was asking myself, why don’t my friends want to hang out with me? How could

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