Six Characteristics Of Civilization Essay

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The six characteristics of a civilization are specialization in occupation, government, class structure, development of science and writing, state religion, merchants, and trade. Specialization in occupation was developed due to the increase in food production. With the help of agriculture, people are less likely to hunt for food. Which gave them time to focus more on art, poetry, and music.As the civilization develop and became complex, they needed specialization. Such as tax collectors, painter, record keepers and inventors Merchants and trade started by trading raw materials. Due to the development of specialization of occupation, people manufacture materials such as pottery and paintings. Eventually, they started to …show more content…

The state religion is the response to the question why. They wanted a way to explain the unknown, such as why horrific things happened. The civilization wants to believe that they are put in the situation because God wanted them to.

B. Choose what you think are the three most important in order, and justify your decisions. Without in order, the three most important characteristic of a civilization is specialization in occupation, government and merchants and trade. These three characteristics are equally important, as they lead to each other in the form of the cause and effect.Merchants and trade helped the society advance further by exchanging knowledge or ideas and luxurious item from different civilizations. The trading then leads to market and currency, which help the society to prosper. This then leads to specialization in occupation. Specialization in occupation determines that the society is evolving and becoming more complex and needed a specialist such as tax collectors, record keepers, and government. Since the food production increase due to agriculture they have a stable source food instead of hunting. Which also allowed people to create and enjoy art, poetry, and music. As a result of property from merchants and trade and the specialization in occupation, it created a government. Government is important as it indicates that the society is civilized. the government

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