Six Sigma Reflection

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The first guest speaker that spoke to our class was David Klug. He came to talk about Six Sigma and LEAN Integrations. He used to work for Blue Cross Blue Shield of Nebraska and this is where he first started to implement these programs. He no longer works there, but his presentation what over this company and how they adapted to the Six Sigma and LEAN programs. Right away he said something that caught my attention and that was that he emphasized that the culture of the business is the key in implementing these programs and without culture a company will not be successful. We found out throughout the presentation that that statement was very true. Six Sigma is a methodology that uses tools to improve an organization. The tools assist in identifying the customer requirements and conducting data analysis. Lean is a methodology that focuses on streamlining a process of eliminating waste. The tools help make the process visible which assists in identifying opportunities to optimize the process flow and reduce time.
Of course the slide that had percentages on it caught my eye due to liking numbers and math so much. It was interesting for me to hear him talk about what would happen if 99.9% were acceptable. Some of the examples were like “two unsafe plane landings per day at O’Hare airport in Chicago” and “500 incorrect surgical operations each week”. These examples just show that companies are always having to know what they are doing and what needs to be improved to make sure

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